Audio Project on Student Housing

I created this audio story for a journalism project where I analyzed student housing in Madison through several different story formats. This story was focusing on the student perspective of deciding housing in Madison and what key factors play into the decision.


Students weigh different housing factors

VO: In Madison’s competitive housing market, students determine their housing options by analyzing how those options fulfill their needs.

VO: Despite the increasing amount of high-rises and housing developments, vacancies in Madison are low, and now students are pressured to decide quicker than ever about their living arrangements from property owners and University Housing.

VO: But this pressure doesn’t stop UW students from determining whether the on-campus or off-campus housing satisfies each of their personal needs.

VO: Students use a variety of factors to influence their final housing decision. Factors often include cost, amenities, convenience, location and agreement across roommates.

UW sophomore Jacob Kettinger. Photo Credit: Jacob Kettinger

VO: Jacob Kettinger, a sophomore at UW-Madison, returned to University Housing after his freshman year. Kettinger primarily picked Dejope Residence Hall because of its proximity to his friends and the overall convenience the dorms offer.

Jacob Kettinger: “It’s easy. I don’t have to go too far laundry. I don’t have to do the dishes. I thought it would be cool to get to be with all my friends.”

VO: Even though Kettinger enjoyed living in University Housing, he decided to live off-campus his junior year. He found the process for finding off-campus housing easier than he initially expected thanks to the help of his future roommates.

Jacob Kettinger: “When you’re coordinated with a lot of people, it can be pretty easy to find something nice eventually.”

VO: A common factor that roommates need to coordinate is cost. Carmen Goséy,

ASM Legislative Chair Carmen Goséy. Photo Credit: Carmen Goséy

legislative chair for the Associated Students of Madison, agrees that affordability is an important factor for students but is hard for each of us to define.

VO: Goséy noticed the wide definition of “affordability” after discussing her housing search with fellow ASM leaders.

Carmen Goséy: “When I talked to them, they would suggest things to me, but my roommates would say that’s too expensive, so that term of affordability is very relative.”

VO: Goséy encourages any students that are experiencing difficulties with determining their individual needs, finding a place to live or need help communicating with roommates or landlords to visit the Tenant Resource Center.