cropped-11924781_10205929382446697_7327970078728892324_n-2.jpgI am a journalist, currently working towards a degree in Journalism and Digital Media studies at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I will be graduating in May 2017.

Currently, I’m working as a communication specialist for University Communications at UW-Madison where I contribute to a student newsletter and any other sites affiliated with the university. I’m also a communications intern with Madison International Trade Association and an AV technical support at the Pyle Center.

My prior experiences includes: contributing editor at the Odyssey UW-Madison chapter, campus reporter for the Daily Cardinal and media production for a short documentary and news stories.

I hope to collaborate my editorial and production skills for a future career in the multimedia field of journalism, possibly on an international scale. Any sort of travel writing would be a bonus.

Explore my sample writings under my work samples tab and see a full resume under Learn more. Also, links to my social media accounts are on the sidebar to the right.